Delices & bien-être

Moroccan way of life

It’s all about
the good life

Your stay is all about the good life, or "bien-être”. No place better to enjoy it as at Villa Tazegzout. “Bien-être” is all about good food prepared by our lady chef Keltoum, relaxing at the infinity pool, or even better, in our hammam, or enjoying a good massage. You can even have your own yoga-classes on our property, if requested.

Moroccan or international food by your personal chef

Our chef is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality dining experience. Using only the freshest ingredients and techniques to create delicious and satisfying dishes will leave you feeling truly pampered and satisfied. With a wide range of options available, from hearty stews and braises to light and flavorful salads and soups, you can count on us to deliver a dining experience that is truly indulgent and enjoyable.

“Real Moroccan cuisine
is like coming home”

Moroccan cuisine is a true indulgence for the senses. From the vibrant colors and rich flavors of traditional dishes like tagine and couscous, to the aromatic spices that infuse every bite, it is designed to transport you to a world of sensory delight. Whether you are savoring a steaming bowl of hearty lentil soup or nibbling on a platter of grilled meats and vegetables, your personal chef is celebrating life through food. Let our cook take you on a culinary journey through this amazing country.

Get a taste from our own biological garden

If you are looking to get a taste of the freshest and most flavorful produce around, you willl want to check out our biological garden. Here, we grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs using only the most sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Our team of skilled gardeners works hard to ensure that every plant is nurtured and cared for, resulting in produce that is bursting with flavor and nutrients. Our chef happily integrates it in your food.

Relax in our traditional hamam

While relaxing in our hammam, you can enjoy the soothing effects of the heat and steam and let your mind wander. Be sure to enjoy a look up.
Our hammam has an amazing dome, built using the same technique these domes were built hundreds of years ago.

Enjoy a lazy day at the infinity pool

As you gaze out at the shimmering water, you feel a sense of calm wash over you. The sun warms your skin, and the gentle breeze caresses your face. You can feel the stresses of everyday life melting away as you sink deeper into relaxation. The sound of the water cascading over the edge of the pool creates a soothing soundtrack, inviting you to let go of your worries and simply be.

The joy of a massage

Not feeling relaxed enough in this peaceful environment? Our massage therapist can help you relax and unwind during your stay so that all stress disappears like snow in the sun.

Something else in mind?

Perhaps you feel like practicing yoga, cycling, or enjoying a grand dinner in the garden pavilion. Be sure to ask us. We are confident that we can tailor these activities to your preferences.

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